Short term investment

Al Fateh real estate providing the best services in long-term and short-term investments in Lahore. When it comes to short-term investments, we try our best to satisfy our clients and providing trustable consultancy. We are providing different favorable investments which provide lifetime profits. We can build your dreams with our professional team.

Why Al-Fateh for Short term Investment ?

 Al Fateh is the second name of a trust. You can easily invest your money in it without any second thought. There are different projects like Al Noor orchard And Al Jalil gardens. For some time, you can invest your money in Al Fateh real estate and after a short period of time the value of your property will increase and you can get profit on it. This is the main approach and facility Al Fateh provides to their investors/clients.

Investment Plan at Al-Jalil Garden

Following is the complete outbreak:

  • Total price: 1,650,000
  • Booking: 200,000
  • Confirmation: 200,000
  • Possession: 200,000
  • Half yearly: 85,000
  • Monthly: 15,000

Investment Plan at Al-Noor Orchard

fоllоwing is  the  соmрlete breаk  dоwn:

Bооking: 200,000

Mоnthly instаllments 12000 X 50 = 600,000

Hаlf-yeаrly  instаllments 60,000 X 9  = 540,000

Bаllоting  аfter 1  yeаr = 200,000

Роssessiоn  аfter 2.5  yeаrs  = 210,000

Tоtаl:  1,750,000

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