Long Term Investment with Al -Fateh real estate

The core or fundamental objective of Real Estate business is to foresee the land/property values after years or month. ”WHAT WE GAIN FROM TODAY’S BUYING” and provides long term investments with trust. 

In such exorbitant & outrageous time where everyone is paying his/her current billing/expenses , it’s not that easy to even think of future investments for at least  a middle class. However ,to participate in an investment plans at Al-Noor Orchard & Al-jalil Garden with such nominal installments one can not only think of securing his/her retiral age plan but also for their kid’s education & marriage plans.

Al-Fateh Real Estate has reputation and a good track record in Real Estate industry of its mentoring role for their clients & investors to guide them buying developing areas that has a sure growth in future to have a reasonable handsome returns.

Al-Fateh real estate is the rising name in the world of real estate. Our first priority is to gain the trust of our clients. Among all the services we are providing long term investment is so appreciable.
It is one of the greatest investing options. Join your hands with Al Fateh real estate and generate options for yourself for ongoing passive income source.

Why Al-Fateh For Long Term Investment

Why you choose Al Fateh for Long term Investment?
Reasons you are choosing Al Fateh real estate are:
Best way of investment:
Real estate is the best way to invest money in Pakistan. Everyone wants to save money whether they are rich or belongs to the middle class all needs to save money. For this purpose, you are searching an investment method which saves your money for a long time without any loss of money and handover it to you safely when you need it. Al Fateh real estate provides a proper mean of long-term investment in their long-term investment projects like Al Jalil garden and Al Noor orchard.
Safe investment:
Without any second thought, you can invest your money in Al Fateh real estate Pakistan. It is the best way to save money because if you’re investing money in any long-term project and owe any piece of land. That piece of land never goes down. And the best part is your invested money always increasing when the value of property increases. So, with Al Fateh, real estate chances of money loss are less.

Installment Plan At Al-Jalil Garden

     Following is the complete outbreak:

  • Total price: 1,650,000
  • Booking: 200,000
  • Confirmation: 200,000
  • Possession: 200,000
  • Half yearly: 85,000
  • Monthly: 15,000

Installment Plan At Al-Noor Orchard

The  total  рriсe fоr  the  3 Mаrlа  рlоt  is Rs  1,750,000  inсluding develорment  сhаrges.  Аvаilаble оn  5  yeаrs 
eаsy  instаllments.

fоllоwing is  the  соmрlete breаk  dоwn:

Bооking: 200,000Mоnthly instаllments 12000 X 50 = 600,000

Hаlf-yeаrly  instаllments 60,000 X 9  = 540,000

Bаllоting  аfter 1  yeаr = 200,000

Роssessiоn  аfter 2.5  yeаrs  = 210,000

Tоtаl:  1,750,000

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